Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Permission to republish

If you would like to republish any of the articles posted on this site you are welcome to do so, but note the following.

The articles on this site are Copyright © 
Th articles may be freely republished elsewhere under the following conditions:

The article must not be edited nor changed in any way, but republished exactly as it is on this web site.
The following note must be added between the title and the body of the text in the same size and font as the title –   “This article is republished from the blog Rod’s Whispers by permission of the author”
You must notify me at Publications.Feedback@outlook.com.au where and when the article is republished, and a link provided so that I can find it easily.
These notes and conditions must be included with and as part of the article and imposed on anyone who republishes the article further.

These notes also appear at the end of each article published here and must remain with the article if you republish it elsewhere.